He enters the King of Fighters tournament to defeat the man who killed his rival.[7]. The two Bogards and friends learned of Geese's intentions to retrieve the legendary Jin scrolls, Terry once again challenged and defeated him. Barst | Nagase | His primary special move is a flying cannonball technique. Fatal Fury Special has been released on several different consoles, all with slight differences here and there. American fighter who enters the worldwide tournaments called "The King of Fighters" to kill Geese Howard, a criminal who killed his father, Jeff Bogard. Kasumi Todoh | Although Jubei does not return as a playable character in later games, he makes several cameo appearances, including in Mai Shiranui's ending in Real Bout Fatal Fury, where he is shown to have an infatuation with her. Boney | Like his younger brother Chonshu, Chonrei is possessed by the spirit of Jin Kuryu (秦 空龍), the elder son of Jin Ōryū and ancestor of Chonrei and Chonshu. Alfred appears in later games, such as the Dreamcast version of The King of Fighters '99 (as secret striker), in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash series (as a trading card) and in KOF: Maximum Impact 2 and KOF 2002: Unlimited Match (as a cameo in one of the stages). Slippy Toad | Mochizuki is a Buddhist monk who practices the Authentic Pathless style Martial Arts (正伝無道流武術, Seiden Mudō Ryū Bujutsu), a fighting style created to hunt down Shura after its founder lost to the Shiranui style. Latias and Latios | Drake Redcrest | Psylocke | Palla | She wears a very skimpy variation of a white-trimmed, red yukata(a summer kimono) with a very short hem and high slits up the sides. Additionally, Krauser also appears as a "Striker" character in the console versions of The King of Fighters 2000. Mui Mui | Kafei | It is an updated version of Fatal Fury 2, introducing several changes to the gameplay system while expanding the available character roster. Possessing incredible talent when it comes to brawling and street dancing, Duck King once challenged Terry Bogard to a street fight and lost. Trevor Belmont | Here is a complete list of all the different systems it was released for: X68000; JP: 28 July 1994 Segata Sanshiro | He can be seen in the opening scenes of Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury First Contact. Camilla | Ingrid | Surprisingly, Raiden didn't follow his Fatal Fury co-stars into a KOF game until 2009's King of Fighters XII. Mai Shiranui | Tiny Kong | Terry Bogard. Mini Mario He appears in Fatal Fury 2 in the cut scene shown immediately after the first battle against the CPU, tending to a crowd of spectators at Pao Pao Cafe witnessing the player's fight on television. Ingrid Brandl Galatea | Min Min | Starfy | Tung Fu Rue | He returns as a regular playable character in Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury Special, where he renounces his Raiden persona and now fights as an unmasked face wrestler under the identity of Big Bear (ビッグ・ベア, Biggu Bea). Deadpool | Unlike his brother Andy, … This allowed them to reveal more character details which in turn lead to more fans. Ashley Robbins | He would retain his cannonball technique, now dubbed the Head Spin Attack, along with new special moves such as the Dancing Dive, Break Storm, and the Beat Rush. She's a high school girl from Osaka who was taught wrestling by her father, Kantetsu (寛鉄) since an early age. In this game, his character specializes in numerous kick techniques. Squid Sisters | Doctor Strange | Rocket Raccoon | He bears no ill will towards anyone other than Geese Howard, the killer of his adoptive father. As the mansion falls, the stranger taunts Gato, telling him to start training in order to defeat him. Eiji: Whatever you say, Terry. It was after his foster father Jeff's death that Tung Fu Rue took responsibility for raising him and Terry. Lien Neville | Bandeiras Hattori | Li Xiangfei | Rody Birts | Wolfgang Krauser: Hahahahaha! Olwan | Registeel | Satoru Amatsubo | Sokaku Mochizuki (望月 双角, Mochizuki Sōkaku) is introduced in Fatal Fury 3 as one of the five new characters featured in the game and appears in all of the games in the Real Bout series. Ashei | Esna | Prince of Sablé | Hugh Baldwin | Candy Kong | This Hero was proposed and approved by Heroes Wiki's Pure Good Proposals Thread. In Real Bout, he gains the Monkey Dance special move and two Hidden Abilities, the Mad Spin Wolf and the Wolf's Fang. Duke Edwards | Following her premonitions, Hotaru entered the tournament as well. Rick is seen to have a girlfriend, a blonde woman wearing a red dress, name unknown, with whom he rides off into sunset on horseback in his ending. Saki Omokane | The three main heroes from the original game (Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi) have remained constant in each installment, along with the beautiful kunoichi (female ninja) Mai Shiranui. Dillon | Do you buy this quirky, low-tech title, or do you buy the Neo Geo arcade game that it's based on for the same price? Duck King, Billy Kane and Kim Kaphwan, who were all last featured in Fatal Fury Special, are added to the cast.Series antagonist Geese Howard reprises his role from the original Fatal Fury as the game's final boss. Twintelle | He raised the Bogard brothers after Jeff was killed by Geese and participates in the King of Fighters tournament in the first game with the objective to defeat Geese. He serves as the right-hand man and servant of Wolfgang Krauser and participates in the tournament under his request. Momoko | After butting heads with her overbearing father, Kantetsu will allow her to drop out, but only under the condition that she brings a decisive victory in the King of Fighters tournament. Tamagon | Chun-Li | Family Read more information about the character Andy Bogard from Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture? Yuri Kozukata | Travis Touchdown | He appears to fit many Japanese stereotypes for an American character in appearance, personality and … Junko Sendo | Powers/Skills Candy Diamond | Athena Asamiya | The DLC character has been revealed to be the main antagonist of the main "Fatal Fury" series, Geese Howard. You’ll start with 11 fighters with the ability to unlock a 12th fighter. Monster Hunter | Malin | When he treats Rock as his son, but allows him to choose his own path in life. Iori Yagami | Mei-Li: Who's there...? Tricky | Prince Fluff | Mew | Tingle | Count Bleck | Piplup | Axel Hawk (アクセル・ホーク, Akuseru Hōku) first appears in Fatal Fury 2 as the second of the final four opponents in the single-player mode. Catria | Sailor Mars appears at the door, asks a password, and he chooses the correct password: "Wolf Power". Lanky Kong | The Fatal Fury Team maintained his original formation (Terry, Andy and Joe) from King of Fighters '94 to '98. Geo Stelar | Clark Still | Pyra | In KOF XI he is partnered with B. Jenet and Tizoc to form a Garou Team. Shizuka Kusanagi | Ryu | Taking the Fatal Fury series and condensing it down into a compact, cutesy experience, the game saw the franchise's main characters return to beat each other up in chibi form. Sothe | Leon Belmont | Bass | Marth | Roy | Bob Wilson | Both he and Yasuyuki Oda wondered what type of hero would succeed Terry Bogard in Fatal Fury ' s latest game, Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Kim Kaphwan | Alice Garnet Nakata | Ephraim | The characters from Fatal Fury have received major positive reaction with GamesRadar calling Terry Bogard as "one of SNK's most memorable characters," as 86th "most memorable, influential, and badass" protagonist in games. Duck King | He is the legendary practitioner of the fighting style Dainan-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu (大南流合気柔術, lit. Coo | Yun | Princess Peach | But Gato was a man who was tormented to become an accomplished martial artist, and was pushed too far by their father. Kumatora | However, the scrolls are destroyed by Chonrei in the Jin Brothers' endings. Steve | Gato also appears in the ending of Hotaru Futaba, who claims that he's her older brother and slaps him when he denies even knowing her. Hsien-Ko (Lei-Lei) | Ralf Jones | Princess Daisy | It can't be, the Orochi servants? Fatal Fury: First Contact is rated E-10 with ESRB descriptors of Fantasy Violence and Tobacco Reference. Originally appeared in Fatal Fury Special as a hidden boss character. Hector (Castlevania) | Axel Stone | Bao | Zora | In one of his victory poses, it is revealed that he is Catholic. Moe | Unlike the original game, Tung only transforms into a musclebound version of himself while performing certain special moves. Tessa | Skullomania | Rock Howard | Tekkaman | Despite his immense strength, he hates training and becomes tired very easily. Rock Pikmin | Sometime either before, or after their final conflict, Terry decides to become the guardian of a boy by the name of Rock Howard, which is Geese's son. Chin Gentsai | The Boss Team made another appearance in the remake of The King of Fighters '98 titled The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match. Rusl | Arthur | He is an elderly martial arts master from China who developed his own fighting style based on Bajiquan known as the Holy Fist of Eight Ways (八極聖拳, Hakkyokuseiken). Elisabeth Blanctorche | Elec Man | Russ | Rogue | Cut Man | Minerva | Raiden (ライデン, Raiden) first appears in the original Fatal Fury as the second of the final four computer-controlled opponents in the single-player mode. Eddy | Donkey Kong Jr. | The King of Fighters utilized many SNK characters from Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and titles like Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldier, but the series also has its own original set of characters with unique storylines, often revolving around the rival characters Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. Duck King | Ness | His possible death was played on during The King of Fighters '99 where he stayed behind in the collapsing NESTS's base. Adaptability: Due to his training in various fighting techniques, Terry can adapt with any opponent he faces. | Ray MK III | Nakoruru | Alfred goes to Southtown to seek Terry Bogard's aid and help him defeat White. Malon | In Fatal Fury 3, as well as in Real Bout series, Richard appears to cheer and encourage Bob before each of his matches. Captain America | He would return as a playable character in Real Bout Special and Real Bout 2. Dead ahead! Pauline | He would appear as a playable character in Fatal Fury Special, the upgraded version of Fatal Fury 2. Knuckle Joe | Mega Man Volnutt | He is an incredibly charismatic, cheerful and friendly man with everyone around him. Benimaru Nikaido | Akari Ichijou | Tung Fu Rue | The Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters character Terry Bogard is now in Super Smash Bros. Matthew | Terry Bogard is the main protagonist of the Fatal Fury franchise created by SNK. Your options at the start of the game are ‘Start’ and ‘Config’, which progresses into either 1P or 2P battle modes. Mist | He trained himself in order … Better than any compass. Leon S. Kennedy | [6] He is a casino show boxer known as the "White Wolf of the Ring", who is the son of a Native American father and a white mother. Gather Chi: Terry can gather chi energy from Gaia, the mother-earth. Angel | Cammy White | Mumbo Jumbo | Solo | Joe Higashi (ジョー・ヒガシ, Jō Higashi, also written as 東 丈, Higashi Jō) is a video game character created by SNK Playmore (formerly SNK). Ike | Geese is perhaps one of the most iconic characters that have come out from the entire "Fatal Fury" franchise. Lilina | Pichu | [15] Avi Krebs from GamingExcellence.com commented that Billy Kane is one of the hardest boss characters from the first Fatal Fury, but he remains "pale" in comparison to Geese. "[24] In another review, Dong praised the selection of the main characters. Stuffwell | Charizard | Krauser orders his servants, the Orochi servants, to attack them. King | Starlow | Wonder-White | Athena ends up winning the basketball match against him, and Terry, Andy and Joe agree to defeat them. Knnown as the Lone Wolf, Terry is the adopted son of Jeff Bogard and Andy's older brother, Terry is the main character of the Fatal Fury series. Not satisfied with venting his frustration in the ring, he enters the King of Fighters tournament as a masked fighter, acting as one of Geese's guardians. A rotund fighter, he practices taiji. He has appeared in every FF and KOF games. Orville | Dimitri (Zelda) | Kusanagi | Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd | Princess Zelda | Mega Man Series (Mega Man | Mega Man X | Mega Man Volnutt) | Samurai Goroh | Jack Turner | Leo | Roll | Rabbid | Hwa Jai accepts, partially due to wanting to fight Joe once again. Amaterasu | The only other thing I can think of, if if the character is a part of the Fatal Fury series, and also some kind of legal issues surrounding the use of the character. Part 1 of 3 - Real Bout Fatal Fury Terry Bogard playthroughs. Does part time work to get by Unlike the original game, Tung only transforms into a musclebound version of himself while performing certain special moves. He also immediately leaves them, though on somewhat friendlier terms (he declines their invitation to celebrate) reinforcing Hotaru's description of his true nature. Corrin | Sho Hayate, Major Heroes Kaijin no Soki | Unknown Soldiers | Isabelle | [4] She was absent in The King of Fighters 2000, but would return in The King of Fighters 2001, taking Kasumi Todoh's place from the previous game.[5]. Goals Mei-Li: (gasps) Terry! Souji Kusanagi | At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Tung reappears in Real Bout Special and Real Bout 2. However, she is secretly ashamed of this, especially after she was told by a boy she had a crush on that women wrestlers are "unfeminine", after hearing this she wanted to drop out of her wrestling training. He is the younger half of the Jin brothers seeking the Three Secret Scrolls of the Jin. In Real Bout 2, Chonshu then becomes a disciple of Kim Kaphwan, as seen in their corresponding endings. Alm | Great Fairy | Rayman | Munchlax | Hanzo Hattori | Trish | Jeanne | Master Chief | Ronald McDonald | Amy Rose | King Dedede | Saitama | Kenshiro | Sakura Haruno | Rin Tohsaka | Trunks | Silver the Hedgehog | Ryu | Lucario | Sasuke Uchiha | Hiei | Liu Kang | Fei Long | Rock Lee | Marshall Law | Spider-Man | Mikasa Ackerman | Jotaro Kujo | Yu Narukami | Terry Bogard | Jon Talbain | Spawn | Alucard (Hellsing) | Classic Predator | Iron Man | Mega Man X | Himura Kenshin | Roronoa Zoro | Greninja | Espio the Chameleon | Link | Meta Knight | Genji | Raiden (Metal Gear) | Guile | Paul Phoenix | Raphael | Wolverine | Aigis | Noel Vermillion | Cloud Strife | Guts | Killua Zoldyck | Mega Man | White Bomberman | Mario | Luigi | Zero | Strider Hiryu | Iron Fist | Akuma | Ken Masters | Blaziken | Samus Aran | Wii Fit Trainer | Dhalsim | Magneto | Alucard (Castlevania) | Demitri Maximoff | Vegeta | Noctis Lucis Caelum | 2B | Kratos | Dante | Captain Falcon | Viewtiful Joe | Gambit | Lara Croft | Jill Valentine | Krillin | Tenshinhan | Yamcha | Chun-Li | Tifa Lockhart | Thor Odinson | Pikachu | Hulk | Juggernaut | Blade | Hellboy | Monkey D. Luffy | Mr. Terry is a purely-hearted character that is willing to take a challenge when one is given to him. There are two things that Hotaru appreciates the most after her mother's suicide:[9] her sable, Itokatsu, and her older brother, Gato. Miu Kurosaki | Duck King (ダック・キング, Dakku Kingu) appears in the original Fatal Fury as one of the first four opponents in the single-player mode. Ryu | He is a retired Super Heavyweight-class kickboxing champion who works as a mechanic in South Town Airport to support his wife Emilia, and their son Junior. [8] Some of Tsugumi's move names reference her hometown, like "Tsūtenkaku Driver", "Naniwa Lariat", and "Okonomiyaki-Ire". R.O.B. He enters the presentation class and meets the others and the presentation class professor, Boss Tuxedo. Many years later, the crime lord Geese Howard organized a tournament, dubbed The King of Fighters. Miles Edgeworth | Superhuman StrengthSuperhuman DurabilitySuperhuman SpeedSuperhuman ReflexesSuperhuman StaminaSuperhuman AgilitySuperhuman SensesMaster AcrobatCharismaErgokinesisEnergy AttacksCombat ProficiencyGather ChiMaster Martial Artist Terry Bogard Video game character created by SNK and is the main character of the Fatal Fury series. A former Spanish matador who uses a self-styled martial art based on his deadly bullfighting methods (His fighting style is very similar to the fencing, the French martial art of the Savate and the Basque martial art of the Zipota). Freya | Enemies White Bomberman | Idea | Kersti | Terry appears as a supporting protagonist in the movie. He was once a popular face wrestler until he was betrayed by his tag partner during a match (a character later revealed to be Big Bombarder from the SNK wrestling game 3 Count Bout). His run didn't last long, though; he's one of the omitted characters from KOF XIV . Pikmin | Mega Man X | Black Panther | When Andy won, he invited Joe to return to America with him to enter the King of Fighters tournament, held by Geese. Tails | Richard makes cameo appearances in subsequent Fatal Fury games as a friendly acquaintance of the Bogard brothers and Joe. Alolan Raichu | Yatter-Wan, Sega Universe Kim, following his "reform" of his previous teammates (Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge), seeks out Hwa Jai and Raiden as he believes they still work under Geese Howard. In Fatal Fury 2, Hwa Jai is one of the characters from the original game who gets defeated by an unknown challenger (Wolfgang Krauser). Sheik | Kyosuke Kagami | (When either Andy or Terry defeats him in "Fatal Fury Special," each Bogard brother addresses him as "Master Tan.") Lilly Kane | Foxy | Chrom | Some details about the characters were revealed in magazines rather than the games to produce more marketing.[1]. Vivian | In Fatal Fury 3, they head to South Town to seek the Secret Scrolls of the Jin in order to unleash their true power. Rhea | Raven | Ezlo | Welt | Eirika | He also develops a friendly rivalry with Terry, as seen in his endings in both games. Thor Odinson | Power Geyser: By punching the ground, Terry can make a more powerful version of the Power Wave, creating a massive geyser of energy coming from below the ground. Paper Luigi | Wolfgang Krauser: Ah, perfect. Blue Mary | Lubba | Heidern | She, along with the others, meet the spirits of Lily McGuire and Sulia Gaudeamus. Jamin: Fog! combatants Pac-Man | You better take a look at this! Despite her original hatred for wrestling, she has come to enjoy fighting as she began to win matches. Hwa Jai | ROB 64 | Calista | Makoto Mizoguchi | Afterward, Geese fled. Andy made his return to The King of Fighters XII but does not participate in a defined team. Her fighting style, the LK (Lillien Knights) arts, is similar to savate, a French form of kickboxing. In Real Bout Special, there are two versions of him in the game. [21][22][23] On the other hand, Anime News Network's Bamboo Dong enjoyed the portrayal of the characters in the films, particularly praising Terry's character development as "Most adaptations of this nature barely let their characters show any weaknesses at all, much less an extended period of insecurity and despair, so it was pretty compelling seeing Terry's journey through his dark period. In the game, he appears as meek elderly man, but after taking a bit of damage, he transforms into a musclebound warrior, whose special moves including a flying whirlwind punch and a spinning whirlwind kick in which he shoots fireballs at both directions. Est | Dyntos | Chris Redfield | Xiao Lon | Byrne | Venom | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He also appears as an exclusive character in the PlayStation version of Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition. Jenet is the leader of a group of pirates known as the Lillien Knights. Sheriff | Yuri Lowell, Tatsunoko Universe Chang Koehan | Also FF music is amazing, specially in FF Special. Draug | Iron Man | In the character popularity poll on Neo Geo Freak's website, he was voted as the fourth favorite character with a total of 2,479 votes. Saria | Dr. Mario | Tung also appears in the SNK crossover game NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. Bandana Waddle Dee | Milly | Then he ended the note by saying he is no longer his teacher but his rival and that they will cross paths again. Antonov | It was not bad idea to leave the movie open to a second part like leave when Billy Kane speaks with his master Howard when it is training. Regina | Outside the Fatal Fury series, Jin Chonshu and Jin Chonrei have appeared in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Don't let them spook you. Vengeful Hero / Wanderer, The Legendary Hungry WolfThe Legendary WolfSouth Town HeroHungry WolfLone WolfWild WolfPrince Terrence (his past self)Father (by Starina), Superhuman DurabilitySuperhuman SpeedSuperhuman ReflexesSuperhuman StaminaSuperhuman AgilitySuperhuman SensesMaster AcrobatCharismaErgokinesisEnergy AttacksCombat ProficiencyGather ChiMaster Martial Artist, Protect his younger brother Andy and friendsSave the world from evil threats, Andy Bogard (younger brother)Rock Howard (adopted son)Ukee (pet monkey)Starina (daughter), Jeff BogardAndy BogardJoe HigashiKim KaphwanMai ShiranuiBlue MaryDuck KingTung Fu RueRaidenKyo KusanagiIori YagamiRyo Sakazaki (former rival)Rock HowardHwa JaiChizuru KaguraK'MaximaWhipLily McGuire (first good friend/ex-girlfriend)TonySulia Gaudeamus (girlfriend/wife)Angelina (second good friend)Athena Asamiya (partner)Princess ZeldaDark PitBayonettaPac-ManPalutenaSonic the Hedgehog, Geese Howard (arch-nemesis)Billy KaneWolfgang KrauserRyuji YamazakiKain R. HeinleinGrantRugal BernsteinGoenitzOrochiZeroMukaiMagaki (formerly)SaikiVerseLaocorn Gaudeamus (rival)PanniHauerJaminMatt. Cranky Kong | Shun'ei, Other Heroes Micaiah | Little Mac | Deku Link | Alias James McCloud | The Fatal Fury Team or known as the Italy Team is a team composed of the main characters of the Fatal Fury series, its first introduction was in The King of Fighters '94 with Andy, Joe and the leader, Terry.In this game they represent Italy, but later it is revealed that they originated in the United States. Master Mummy | Herman | Popular characters from the Fatal Fury series also appeared in other SNK (and sometimes Capcom, in the Capcom Vs. SNK series) series, primarily the King of Fighters franchise. Louie | He is first seen playing foot race with Joe, until Athena arrives. In the VIZ dub, he has also been voiced in English by Mark Hildreth and Christopher Turner in the same film as a child. Linebeck | Mike Haggar | It takes place in a large, arena-like stadium close to the center of a gridiron football field. Fio Germi | Hehehehehe. Jon Talbain | Palutena | Wonder-Yellow | Ulala, DEATH BATTLE! Seliph | The story of the series is set in the fictional city of Southtown, USA, and starts many years before the events of the first game, when martial artist Jeff Bogard adopts two orphans, whom he names … Jagen | Marin | Mio & Mayu Amakura | Geese's power proved to be too much for Andy as he almost fell to his death. Nakoruru | Kid Dracula | The Fatal Fury wiki is a community run wiki that anyone can contribute to. During the final battle against Proto Cupid Shion, Terry is angered by Magaki's death and sees Athena in her Princess Athenia form. Reinhardt Schneider | Roll | Servbots | Tizoc | Terry Bogard in Fatal Fury 3. Jin Chonshu (秦 崇秀, Japanese: Jin Chonshū, Pinyin: Qín Chóngxiù) first appears as the second boss character in Fatal Fury 3 and appears thorough the Real Bout series as a regular playable character. Friends/Allies He is the younger half of the Jin brothers seeking the Three Secret Scrolls of the Jin. Dialga | In this game he has access to his all of his most iconic moves, including Power Wave, Burning Knuckle, and Buster Wolf. Hwa Jai | Richard Meyer | She pleads him, Andy and Joe to team up to defeat Magaki and Shion. Her moves are mostly made up of attacks by swooping her dress (in moves such as specials "The Hind" and "Crazy Ivan" and Super Special Move "Aurora") and she is able to control the wind (being reflected in her projectile attack "Buffrass" and her Super Special Move "Too Many Torpedoes"). Villagers (Minecraft) | Eldstar | Juste Belmont | It and subsequent series were big in the console world, and Mai was also used as a sort of mascot and flagship character (and symbol that video games are Not For Your Kind, depending upon who you happen to be). Peppy Hare | Ribbon Girl | Seiuchi-kun | Sylphie | Owl | Xander | They were soon adopted by Jeff Bogard and eventually lived in Southtown. The following is a list of video game characters featured in the Fatal Fury fighting game series developed by SNK Playmore (formerly SNK). He noted that the plot were more polished in the first Fatal Fury than in his previous work, the first Street Fighter. Voiced by: Jun Hashimoto (FFS–KOF '94), Keiichi Nanba (FF3–KOF XIII), Hiroshi Okamoto (KOF XIV–present), Hiroyuki Kagura (young; KOF: D), Toshinari Fukamachi (KOF for Girls) (Japanese); Peter Wilds (FF anime films) (English) Lily and Sulia tell them that they are going to get the treasure chest and give it to Krauser. Fatal Fury: First Contact does everything right for all levels of play. Mai Shiranui | Tizoc | Introduced in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters in 1991, he is an American fighter who enters the worldwide "The King of Fighters" tournaments to kill his father Jeff's murderer, Geese Howard. Ghost Rider | Waluigi | ProtoMan.EXE | Ryo Sakazaki | The characters of Fatal Fury will be listed here.

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