Borosilicate glass construction: This Ecolution Original Micro-Pop Popper is unique compared to other brands on the market. Amazon removes any third-party sellers that have major issues. Microwave Popcorn Popper by Cestari Kitchen (Makes 8 Cups) 9. The Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper Bestseller Microwave Popcorn Poppers On Amazon: list of 10 Best Microwave Popcorn Poppers Review in 2021: #10. The hot air popper doesn’t require any oil to cook the kernels; simply pour in the kernels, plug in the machine, and let the hot air produce a big bowl of popcorn. The Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper by BARRETLGQ will allow you to pop delicious and healthy popcorn without the use of any oils. With this microwave popper by Epoca, you shouldn’t have any fears about compromising on your health. The material is also durable and eco-friendly. It’s made of 100% silicone and guarantees incredible popping speed. Transparent silicone: This maker is made of BPA-free and transparent silicone. The popper gives you oil-free or oil-less popcorns that are healthy for your friends and loved ones. Even heating: The popper spreads the microwave heat evenly as you prepare popcorn. BRENSTEN Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper #7. The feature ensures you avoid unpopped kernels or accidental burning. Nordic Ware guarantees even heat distribution, so the cons will pop evenly to give you tasty popcorn. Lekue Microwave Popcorn Popper is a best way to make healthy natural popcorn with no saturated fats. They’re excellent delicious snacks for most people. Kiaitre is another reliable popcorn popper to purchase today. Tasty popcorn in minutes: To make your delicious popcorns, you just place it in this popper; add salt, oil, and flavorings based on your taste. They’re all made of durable materials to ensure you get long-term use. In addition, it also comes at an affordable price despite being a high-quality popper. Dishwasher safe: The model is easy to clean in a dishwasher. However, you should look for a model that features a convenient design. Toxin-free: The Original Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper by POPCO gives you the perfect alternative to do away with unhealthy commercial popcorns found in supermarkets. Jul 10, 2020 Alexandra Folino. Cleaning a microwave popcorn popper shouldn’t be a difficult task. Our focus is on portable products and shopping guides; all of which aim to make it easy for you to make your picks. Best Popcorn Kernels Dimensions Weight Color Nutrition; Great Northern Popcorn - Best for Air Popper: 14.5 x 13 x 4.5 inches: 16.45 pounds: Yellow: No trans fat, cholesterol, and diacetyl. It comes with a convenient and easy to … The molded plastic can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit so that it won't melt in the microwave. As such, it’s a compact model that will fit in nearly all standard microwaves. When shopping for the microwave popcorn popper, start by looking for key features and factors. It’s also microwave safe, so you can use it in almost all standard microwaves. When popcorn start popping, they should pop freely. Healthy: Kiaitre popcorn maker features 100% food-grade silicone. High-quality design: The popcorn maker comes in a unique design to spread heat evenly. The Cestari popcorn popper allows you to add flavors like salt or butter during the microwave process. Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper Borosilicate Glass, 3-in-1 Silicone Lid, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free, 3 Quart Family Size, Red. As such, it is a healthy alternative compared to buying packaged bags that often contain ingredients and toxic materials. The ratio is especially important if you prepare bulk popcorn. 10. The materials range from plastic, stainless steel, and glass. Besides, it meets FDA standards, so it has been made following the highest safety standards. Presto 04830 Popper; 6. In just a few minutes, it gives you up to 15 cups of popcorns. It serves as a perfect healthy treat for your whole family. The glass microwave popcorn popper is a unique piece because many microwavable kitchen gadgets are made with plastic. It does not call for complicated procedures when making your popcorn. It’s large enough and gives you more than 15 cups of very fresh popcorn at ones. It spreads heat evenly to give you better results, It’s capable of working without adding oil, The PowerCups need constant replacement which is costly, All kernels won’t pop using this popcorn maker, Comes in two different sizes; small and large. You can wash the cover and bowl just by wiping it clean. It’s enough and will give you more than 15 cups of popcorn in a few minutes. It is collapsible, so it equipped less space in your kitchen. No complicated processes are involved. No Gluten. Each material has specific characteristics that set it apart from the other. When folded, it helps you save on space, and you can easily place it in the cabinet or drawer. Apart from giving you delicious popcorn, it’s cheaper compared to buying them from the supermarket. Popcorn poppers work using the same formula. The popper is easy to use, clean, and store as it’s BPA free and dishwasher safe. Rich in fiber. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 10 Best Microwave Popcorn Poppers January 2021 Results are Based on. Dimensions: W&P WPSW-POP popcorn popper measures 71/2 diameter by 2 inches tall. You can learn to make the best homemade popcorn in an air popper, on the stovetop or in the microwave using loose popcorn kernels. As such, you should look at a few features that distinguish the best poppers from average models. Published: September 25, 2020. The above models will make excellent additions to any kitchen. Before running any popcorn, it’s important to know the ideal oil to corn ratio. The elegant packaging also makes the maker a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or thanksgiving party. Microwave Silicone Popcorn Popper, Fenvella Collapsible Hot Air Microwavable Popcorn Maker BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe, Popcorn Bowl with Lid & Handle for Home Party (Black) 4.8 out of 5 stars 533 $9.99 - … Why You Should Buy the Best microwave popcorn popper From Amazon. $19.99 $ 19. It will give you high-quality, delicious, and classic popcorn that are sure to leave you craving for more. The model is made of premium-quality materials, which are all safe to use. Easy to clean and store: This popco made popper has a collapsible design that makes it easy to store in the cabinet or drawer after usage. Therefore, you can use the same ratio to determine the perfect size for your popper, depending on the number of people you plan to serve. This is a red product that will be a nice addition to your kitchen. Popcorn poppers vary in terms of size, so the ideal size depends on your intended use. Besides, it features borosilicate glass, a material that’s not only durable but also resistant to heat. Presto 04830 is also an excellent choice if you’re going to prepare popcorns in a quick and easy way. Manufacturers have come up with different styles for popcorn makers to appeal to the changing needs of people. Of all the contraptions I tested, I liked Colonel Popcorn the best, hands down. The idea is the shape spreads hot … To avoid disappointments from defaults, it’s safe to get at least a 1-year warranty. Multifunctional: The device takes around four minutes to give you tasty snacks. We’d pop it as an after school snack, or make multiple bags for family movie night. With this popcorn popper, you don’t need oil to enjoy the tasty popcorn as it cooks popcorn minus oil. Best Microwave Popper: Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper. The ratio will vary based on the size of the maker and the amount of popcorn you wish to prepare. Even though it will take a few minutes to prepare tasty popcorn, you’re better off by getting a model that will give you sufficient amounts with one serving. If yes, then this article is meant for you. It is a BPA free and made of 100% platinum silicone. The melting feature that you can use to melt the butter as the corns are popping. It has a large 12 cup capacity so it is just right for a family of four or for a group of friends. Stovetop popcorn poppers are made from stainless steel, while microwave poppers are generally plastic or silicone, and can often effect the price. Plastic is a convenient and light material to carry around. The market is flooded with several models that claim to provide ultimate performance. Best Microwave Popper: Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper The Nordic Ware microwave popcorn popper is one of the most popular popcorn poppers because of its effectiveness and quality design. Besides, it’s dishwasher-safe, which makes the cleaning process simple. Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper Nordic ware is the most familiar brand over the US known for the best cookware and bakeware. The Original Hotpop Microwave Popcorn Popper, 1. The Original Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper by POPCO, 2. As such, you shouldn’t have any worries about the safety of your product. The Nordic Ware brand is known to make sturdy and long-lasting kitchen products since the 1940s and its microwave popcorn popper is no different. Best Microwave Popcorn Poppers. Compact space-saving design: This popper is collapsible, which allows for hassle-free storage. By purchasing any of these 10 microwave popcorn poppers, you’re sure to get savory popcorn. In a few minutes, you’ll be enjoying your tasty popcorns at the comfort of your home. This popper comes with a bowl a lid and a recipe book. And of course, the best microwave popcorn popper in town to make that popcorn in the microwave. All that needs to be included in the popper is popcorn. It’s a convenient and reliable model that you can trust to give you excellent results. In this review, we take a closer look at the best models that you should consider buying. It can give you up to 12 cups, which is adequate enough to serve moderate families. Also, you can conveniently grab it from the microwave. It’s made with borosilicate materials, unlike other brands made of silicone. The high temperatures are used to heat the fibrous outside part of kernels to create steam. As such, you’ll own a safe product that won’t ever put your health at risk. The borosilicate material allows the popcorn to easily circulate during the popping process. The silicone is food grade and BPA-free, and the capacity of the popper will serve up 8 cups in one go. You will, therefore, have the option of choosing between low-calorie popcorn and the ones cooked in oil. After popping the corns, you can invert the lid and bowl, which will give you a container for the popcorn. Quality build: The model features high-density plastic material, which is both chemical-free and BPA-free. Stainless steel is a high-speed and durable material. I'm just gonna say it: Popcorn is the best … To get the best microwave popcorn poppers, check out for these key factors: Microwave popcorn poppers are made of different materials. Toxin-free: This Original Hotpop Microwave Popcorn Popper is constructed with 100% food-grade silicone that is both PVC and BPA free. Durable design: It’s uniquely constructed to ensure easy and even air circulation during the popping process. Another feature to check before buying a popcorn popper is your intended use. W&P WPSW-POP Microwave Popcorn Popper, 7. The superior quality products with durability are their primary motto. The easy to clean makes it easy to maintain at all times. It is made from 100% food grade silicone and does not contain and BPA. This popper gives you tasty popcorn with or without oil. As an Amazon Associate, earns from qualifying purchases. 1. Convenient grab handles: It comes with handles that will allow you to toss popcorn salt. Size is another important factor to consider before you buy a popcorn maker. Versatile: With this popcorn maker, you can prepare popcorn with oil or without oil. Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper #8. 10 Best Microwave Popcorn Poppers | Reviews & Buying Guide, 10. Popcorns are some of the healthiest snacks. Original Microwave Popcorn Popper by Epoca, 3. KORCCI Original Microwavable Popcorn Poppers #5. 4.4 out of 5 stars 15,993. It’s large enough to ensure that you get up 12 cups of popcorns when you buy it. You can use this product even if you don’t have enough storage space. The type of oil used affects the taste of popcorns. The popper is clear so you are able to verify whether or not all the kernels have been popped. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Also, quality construction guarantees long-term use. With the ability to collapse from 5.5″ to 2.2″, it is an ideal option to fit in drawers or cabinet in college door rooms, kitchen, or RVs. In addition, it will require less frying oil compared to other products in the market. The Original Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper by POPCO is uniquely designed to perfectly satisfy your snack needs. This unit pops about 24 cups of popcorn at a time with no burnt and unpopped kernels … Ideally, for ½ cup of corn, you should use ¼ cup of oil. Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper is the most stylish popper on the market. Pay attention to these top 10 best microwave popcorn poppers. Best Seller in Popcorn Poppers. It can make 14 cups, which is ideal to suit the entire family. As the steam increases, it will cause kernels to burst, which gives you delicious popcorn. Excellent performance: With Colonel Popper popcorn maker, you can bring the movie theatre to your home. The Original Hotpop Microwave Popcorn Popper, Silicone Popcorn Maker, Collapsible Bowl Bpa Free... Nordicware Microwave Popcorn Popper 12 Cup. Collapsible Popcorn Popper; 5. 3-in-1 lid: It comes with a multifunctional lid that will be used for covering, measuring, and melting purposes. Besides, the material is BPA-free, so you are to use a safe product. From the bakeware, Nordic Ware Microwave popcorn popper is now trending in the popcorn making. An ungreased or even lightly greased pan nearly always results in scorched and stuck popcorn. For those that want fresh popcorns without the hassles associated with stovetop cooking, here’s the perfect popper to purchase. The Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper is one of the easiest popcorn poppers to use as it makes exceptionally delicious light and also fluffy popcorn in just three to five minutes. Pre-packaged popcorn bags are convenient and easy to prepare, but they are full of butter, salt, and additives. 10 Of The Best Brands Of Microwave Popcorn You Can Buy Right Now. Do you plan to use it at home or for commercial use? Therefore, do you want delicious popcorn? Bob's Red Mill Whole White Popcorn - Best for Microwave: 9.5 x 4 x 8 inches: 6.75 pounds: White: No salt and oil added. It collapses to around 2 inches tall, thus freeing up space at home. This model is safe to use and produces tasty popcorn. You should just wipe down the popper using a towel. Healthy alternative: This unit doesn’t require oil or butter. 3,062 Reviews Scanned ... Microwave Popcorn Popper, BPA Free Silicone Hot Air Microwavable Popcorn Maker Bowl, Use Two 1-ounce servings should be enough for one person. Compact design: Presto 04830 popper measures around 10 inches wide and 6 inches tall. Besides, they’re economical to use compared to the traditional ways. It was designed to solve the un-popped kernel dilemma, and it really does an amazing job. Even though compact models will fit in most standard microwaves, ensure the size is large enough to suit your needs. The Best Microwave Popcorn Poppers Review. A smaller model will suit you well if you plan to serve popcorn for one or two people. It should also be easy to clean. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to They’re rich in fibers and calories. This durable and heat-resistant glass is easy to clean and pops the kernels evenly without burning. High popping speed: This popper is very fast when it comes to popping kernels. Thousands of popcorn lovers have relied on the PopLite Hot Air Popper to prepare a bowl of fluffy popcorn, and it’s easy to see why. With this Popcorn Popper, you can made delicious and healthy popcorn in just 2-3 minutes. Convenient Easy-Grab Handles: This Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper has built-in handles that are accessible, thus making it easy for you to remove it from the microwave even when hot. 7. Coconut oil is the most common type that’s used by people nowadays. Always look out for products with cool-touch exteriors to prevent burning yourself. Therefore, before you decide to buy any popcorn popper, make sure it’s covered with a manufacturer’s warranty. Get it now on . On the other hand, when you think of a movie night, the next thing that flashes on your mind is popcorns. The Cuisinart CPM-700 EasyPop Air Popcorn Popper is in the list of top best air popcorn poppers because of its consistency of providing light and tasty popcorn in a large quantity. Therefore, choose a popper based on how you plan to use it. However, don’t dip it in any liquid because it’s made of electrical components. Nordicware Microwave Popcorn Popper 12 Cup, Chef Buddy's Microwave Popcorn Popper Bowl, No Oil Necessary, Weight Watchers Elmsley Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper Bowl in Red, Original Microwaveable Silicone Popcorn Popper, BPA Free Collapsible Hot Air Microwavable Popcorn Maker, Chef'n PopTop Microwave Popcorn Popper (Cherry), Microwave Popcorn Maker With Cup Cover And Tray, Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper, Red. You just have to put a tablespoon of butter on the lid and then melt it. You just have to measure the kernels using the lid, pour them into the popper, and place the unit in the microwave. PowerBase and PowerCup: The two innovations help harness the microwave energy. Safe: The model is made of BPA-free materials. It’s a perfect choice for people with limited storage space. After that, you place it in the microwave to pop. In regard to safety, the outer part should not get hot easily. If you’re a health-conscious individual, you can opt for canola oil because of its low cholesterol and fat content. These devices guarantee excellent results without costing you much. Eco-friendly: It eliminated the use of popcorn bags that have been deemed to contain risky chemicals. Collapsible space-saving design: it has a collapsible design that makes it portable in case you want to move it from one place to another. It’s guaranteed to give you fresh popcorns from the colorful bowl. Glass material will allow you to see whether the popcorn is well-cooked before turning the microwave off. If you’re still undecided about a functional popper, here comes a model that fits the bill as a durable and safe popcorn popper. The next step is to cook that bag of popcorn in a way that will ensure that all of the kernels get popped and do it without burning it.

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