HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Every Lecter story on some level features an implicit Faustian bargain and none is more tragic than FBI crimimal profiler Will Graham’s knowing choice to sacrifice his own fragile peace of mind to stop a killer he understands all too well. Ready to bring a delightful little chill to your nightstand, here are the 10 most anticipated horror novels and thrillers of 2020, as chosen by Goodreads users: Long … The Only Good Indians is a disturbing horror novel about revenge and sorrow that houses a narrative about identity and the price of breaking away from tradition at its core. "The Year of the Witching" by Alexis Henderson. • The Hunted by Gabriel Bergmoser is published by Faber & Faber. The best horror authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, Mylo Carbia, Ramsey Campbell, Clive Barker and Jonathan Maberry to name a few. To order a copy, go to Looking for a fright? "Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre" by Max Brooks. His older brother, who was an outcast in Bentley because he's gay, returns from New York and quickly finds out that there are plenty of skeletons that the town has been hiding. Well written “good” books create worlds and characters you don’t want to leave. The Night Country, Melissa Albert (Jan 7):The second book in Albert’s Hazel Wood series is out this month, and the fantasy is just as dark as ever. taking out your tasteful Halloween home decor, putting your cat in her own Halloween costume. You can find all 10 books on Amazon as well. Best Nonfiction of 2020 | Best Fiction of 2020 | Best Kids' and YA of 2020 Sometimes we reach for sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and graphic novels because we want to be transported away from the present; never mind that all of these genres use the tropes of technology, magic, history, myth, and the future to scrutinize the present. "The Bright Lands" takes place in Bentley, Texas where the town's talented quarterback goes missing. Set in the '90s, this book has been described as "'Steel Magnolias' meets 'Dracula.'" "The Only Good Indians" by Stephen Graham Jones. 20 Best Horror Audiobooks collection thats will scare you to core. Ring by Koji Suzuki, translated by Robert B Rohmer and Glynne WalleySuccessive film adaptations have not managed to capture the true power of this relatively demure tale of a cursed videotape, a chilling and all too human story of coming to understand your own insignificance in the face of forces beyond your comprehension. 6. 50 notable works of fiction. Or your order can contribute to a fund that’s split between different independent bookstores. Author Silvia Moreno-Garcia (“Mexican by birth, Canadian by inclination”) collects the Horror prize for 2020 with a pitch-perfect Gothic horror story in the old-school mode, but with contemporary perspectives on race and colonialism. Misery by Stephen KingThere’s an intoxicating combination of anger, sadness and catharsis at the heart of Misery; a book written by an author trying to move away from horror only to find that his vast readership wouldn’t accept that. Annihilation won the 2014 Shirley Jackson award for best novel, and the 2015 Nebula Award. Max von Sydow in the 1973 film of William Peter Blatty’s book The Exorcist. “And the genre was ready for the extra attention, with some very compelling and terrifying reads.”. Top New Horror Books in September 2020 Night Of The Mannequins by Stephen Graham Jones. Dr. Ramola Sherman is trying to help her pregnant friend who has been infected by her husband get a vaccine to save herself and her unborn child. Gabriel Bergmoser: 'There is a brand of country Australian masculinity that is particularly threatening', Justin Cronin: 'Five fabulous reviews and one shrug? Over the past year, we’ve collected every Fresh and Certified Fresh horror movie with at least 20 reviews, creating our guide to the best horror movies of 2020, ranked by Tomatometer. After receiving a mysterious letter from her newlywed cousin, debutante Noemí Taboada goes to visit her and her new husband, who might not be who he seems. Wed 28 Oct 2020 08.00 EDT. Even The New York Times has the “Quarantine Reader” featuring authors Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. The Best Books of 2020. Prices and availability subject to change. Still enjoy spooky feeling when the audiobooks creats, BANG climax, horror background. You might be ready to take a trip to the dark side right about now — whether that means taking out your tasteful Halloween home decor, finding Halloween decorations that you don’t have to put away on Oct. 31 or putting your cat in her own Halloween costume. Best Horror Books (Updated 2020) Have you been on the hunt for a new book that will scare you to the core? Read 3 320 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Mexican Gothic. That’s why we’re linking the books below to Bookshop. by. Nevertheless, now more than ever we need an escape from reality, and this list of the best new horror books is sure to whisk you away into an exciting and chilling world, where haunted houses, zombies and creepy mysteries come alive. Books | March 2, 2020 Top 10 Modern Horror Novels More Terrifying Than A Stephen King Book. Red Dragon by Thomas HarrisThe Silence of the Lambs gets all the attention, but the best Hannibal Lecter novel is still the first; a book that suggests the most horrifying of evils can grow from an all too human place, and that even heroes can carry something monstrous inside them. The subversion of convention began with the book … a still from Alfred Hitchcock’s film of Psycho. Continuing 2020’s trend of occult horror, Ramsey Campbell has a brand-new book for us through Flame Tree Press. The whole trilogy is fantastic, but for its singular atmosphere of growing dread the first will always be the best. 50 notable works of nonfiction. 1. "The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires" by Grady Hendrix. The characters in horror books are also some of the most complex and exciting ones as it’s always a thrilling experience when a new one gets introduced to the plot. In the Woods uses the structure of a whodunnit to craft one of the most haunting explorations of fear I’ve ever read and, in doing so, includes the only written scene to ever make me jump, a scene so infused with the force of an unshakable nightmare that it transforms the book around it, leaving readers with the sense that some evils can never be truly understood and some trauma is too great to move on from. The Best Horror Movies of 2020, Ranked by Tomatometer. 7. Now that Halloween is gone for this year (although we might debate that the whole of 2020 was a horror show in itself) maybe now is the best time to immerse yourself into some of the best horror audiobooks out there. If that doesn’t encapsulate horror at its most evocative, I have no idea what does. While Ring is a classic, it’s in its two sequels that Suzuki revealed the scope of his ambition, organically building on his horror fable to craft something far more epic and transcendent than any filmed version has yet realised. Some names you know very well, but other names will surprise you. The first story is a standalone sequel to King's "The Outsider" and focuses on Holly Gibney, who is working on a case about a missing dog but starts to suspect that not everything is as it seems. The Only Good Indians book. Maybe these popular picks will help you escape from this world for a … Electric Literature picked out books about plagues back in March. These scary books for adults were popular among avid readers this year. That’s why we asked the folks at Goodreads for the top horror books that have been popular with their book-loving members throughout this year. When a stranger moves next door, Patricia initially likes him but starts to suspect that he might be involved in the disappearance of a few local children. You always remember the shrug'. No escape from horror … Kathy Bates in the 1990 film adaptation of Misery. Here is a list we have enjoyed, old and new, and we hope you will too. Psycho by Robert BlochTo be clear, like Jaws, the film is better; Hitchcock having made a series of clever tweaks to find new ways of manipulating the audience by making them care. Follow Us. 0. Dark and disturbing books create worlds so disgusting and inhuman that all you can ever think about is how to escape them. The lurking danger of this book is our capacity for vanity and how it can literally and metaphorically disfigure us, how obsession with retaining beauty will inevitably lead to its destruction. The books on this list are some of the best Japanese horror books that will surprise you with the fascinating plots inside. These books have vampires who bite and mysterious witches, along with enough twists to be thrilling. Bent Heavens By Daniel Kraus The best recent science fiction, fantasy and horror June 2020 Book of the day Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay; Devolution by Max Brooks review – tales of apocalypse And the house itself, called High Place, holds lots of secrets about the family her cousin married into. It’s the spookiest season of all — when we’re all on the lookout for full moons, things that go bump in the night, tricks and treats. But that job forces her to participate in a secret program with things like gold pills that's meant to make bad thoughts disappear. When infected, people lose their minds and try to infect as many others as they can before dying of the rabies-like disease. 10. More from. The Exorcist by William Peter BlattyOften the best horror stories are the ones that believe, through all the death, jump-scares and creepiness, in the fundamental triumph of goodness. I also want to get Early Bird Books newsletter featuring book deals, recommendations, and giveaways. As a kid I was terrified of horror films – until I actually watched one and then I couldn’t get enough. From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie CampbellI don’t know whether it’s cheating to include a graphic novel on this list, but this is a horror masterpiece unlike anything else I’ve ever read, a sprawling, phonebook-heavy exploration of not just the Jack the Ripper murders, but the society that allowed them to happen. "Malorie" is a sequel to the popular "Bird Box," which was made into a Netflix movie. Alexis Henderson Best Horror Books 2020 catherine cavendish Daniel Kraus Duncan Swan George A. Romero Hailey Piper If It Bleeds Monstre: Volume One Samantha Kolesnik Simone St. James Stephen Graham Jones stephen king T. Kingfisher The Hollow Places The Living Dead The Malan Witch The Only Good Indians The Sun Down Motel The Worm and His Kings The Year of the Witching true … His descent would almost be funny if it wasn’t so chillingly believable. Discover the best Horror in Best Sellers. ©2021 Verizon Media. Read our list of the best horror authors alive today in 2020. As always, you should check to see if a nearby independent bookstore has these titles in stock. Horns is by turns a gothic romance, a murder mystery, a supernatural thriller and a biting satire on how quick we can be to judge despite the darkness we all harbour. When Lena Johnson's grandmother dies, she drops out of college and gets a job to support her family in Lakewood, Michigan. In writing The Hunted I wanted to take the audience on a visceral, pulp-infused thrill ride, but beyond that I wanted to say something; about Australia, about masculinity, about fear. Yes! The Passage by Justin CroninJustin Cronin’s epic vampire saga is a sprawling tale of love, loss and societies destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed again, centred not only on characters we could care deeply for, but a slowly growing sense of insidious evil whispering from the shadows, a terror so unknowable that it was always going to lose a little menace once it was explained. “As we all learned to navigate the uncertainty and loss of normalcy that this year has brought us, we saw readers flock to horror novels, propelling tales of terror to the top of our most popular lists,” said Cybil Wallace, a senior editor at Goodreads. The 10 best books of 2020. Snake Eyes by Joyce Carol Oatesbert; We’ll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean; Delirious by Daniel Palmer; A Circle Of Wives by Alice LaPlante; The Favorite Daughter by Kaira Rouda; The Practice of Deceit by Elizabeth Benedict; The 7th Victim (Book 1 Of 8) by Karen Vail; Cage Of Bones by Tania Carver; Hide My Eyes by Margery Allingham Cue the story of a writer literally held hostage by a fan torturing him into writing what she wants, facilitating the writer’s slow realisation that the genre he was so desperate to move on from may be the only one that’s right for him. The best horror has something more on its mind than just scares, ... and without this book, horror – and cinema – wouldn’t be the same. Get our eeriest tales and best book deals delivered straight to your inbox. Necessary Evils: New Horror Fiction. … Whether I pulled any of that off is for others to decide, but below are 10 of the books that most inspired me, horror stories that in different ways revolutionised the genre by being far more than just bumps in the night. horror books 2020. In the Woods by Tana FrenchI know; this is not horror, at least not insofar as where it sits in bookstores. If you’ve been looking for a horror book that you won’t be able to put down, Goodreads gave us their scary suggestions based on books that were published in the last year and have at least a 3.5-star rating from members. Blood Meridian, was on Time magazine’s 2005 list of the 100 best English-language books published since 1923. It continues where the first left off, with Malorie facing what's next in this strange world. Even Wilde’s central monster, Dorian himself, is more tragic idiot than conniving mastermind, a youthful dope consumed by a pathological belief that the only thing worth having is beauty at any cost. 2. By Margeaux Perkins Sep 18, 2020. This year, we were captivated by stories from literary icons, debut novelists, and more. But I would also argue it’s not a traditional crime novel or literary character study either. The gleeful subversion of conventions that Hitchcock gets all the credit for originated here, and without this book, horror – and cinema – wouldn’t be the same. It’s a nice variety of stories, including deep weirdness, space-opera goodness, diverse authors, and a … In what might be an ironic twist of fate, it’s the dark and disturbing books that teach one to be optimistic. 3. If you’re looking to take a break from a marathon of creepy flicks or a slew of spooky shows, you could turn to spine-chilling, hair-raising and blood-curdling books for frights that’ll feel oh so real. The best thing I can say about 2020 is that it’s going to end at some point. The best horror has something more on its mind than just scares, and indeed finds a way to use the scares to explore whatever that something is. 5. s much as horror is a genre it’s also a technique; a way to confront or explore something real by taking the audience to extremes. The best horror has something more on its mind than just scares, and indeed finds a way to. This novel follows four Native American men who are being pursued by a dark force that's trying to catch up with them after a traumatic and mysterious childhood event. That The Exorcist was long considered one of the most terrifying novels ever is in large part is down to how deeply we are led to care about the desperate plight of its central characters, and how carefully detailed every one of them is. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Kindle Store Best Sellers. Maybe these popular picks will help you escape from this world for a little while. The evil they face is huge and incomprehensible, but not, in the end, insurmountable, and much of the book’s (and film’s) power comes from the ultimate hard-won victory of a small group who sacrifice everything for an innocent child. Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Goodreads Author) If it seemed like everyone you knew was reading Mexican Gothic this year, that’s because they were. Very creepy, for sure. But what really stood out about the films and books I loved the most was that more often than not the horrific aspect was only one part of what made the story special. There’s an essential pandemic reading list from Vulture. As much as horror is a genre it’s also a technique; a way to confront or explore something real by taking the audience to extremes. But everything that turned Psycho into an enduring cultural lightning rod originated in Bloch’s novel; the shower scene, the house on the hill, the twist ending and the sense of gothic dread dripping from every moment. A few have even made it to our monthly “Most Anticipated Books” guide that Goodreads also helps us curate. In "Survivor Song," Massachusetts is overrun by a virus that's spread by saliva. In these novels, housewives battle vampires, a troop of Sasquatch lays siege to a housing development and … 9. Horror Books. But she accidentally stumbles into a place called Darkwood and finds her mother's journal — which tells of how dark Bethel is itself and how her mother spent time with witches. I’m totally on board with this direction and can’t wait to check out Campbell’s novel. House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski Put simply, House of Leaves is one of the most frightening books ever written. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar WildeThere are no real villains in Oscar Wilde’s first and only novel. 4. If so, have a look at our list of the best horror books available in 2020. The Best Horror Audiobooks. From Stephen King to Oscar Wilde and Tana French, novelist Gabriel Bergmoser chooses Halloween reading that does more than simply shock and scare, Last modified on Tue 17 Nov 2020 06.52 EST. Best Horror Books of 2020. Fortunately, there are many truly excellent science fiction books published this year to both distract and illuminate us. From the author of "World War Z," this book is an account of Kate Holland, who writes about seeing Bigfoot after a volcanic eruption and the "Greenloop Massacre" that followed. It’s an intensely personal and ambivalent book, and one of the best explorations of the highs and lows of creativity ever written. 22 Spooky New Books That Will Put You in a Halloween State of Mind The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. A LOVE SO TRUE. The 31 Best Horror Books of All Time in Case You're in the Mood to Ruin Sleep Forever **immediately orders a night-light** By Hunter Levitan , Shannon Carlin and Hannah Chambers But what really stood out about the films and books I loved the most was that more often than not the horrific aspect was only one part of what made the story special. Just make sure you’re not reading these in the dark. If you’ve been looking for a horror book that you won’t be able to put down, Goodreads gave us their scary suggestions based on books that were published in the last year and have at least a 3.5-star rating from members. ... Top 10 Horror Novels Of The Last Decade; As a kid I was terrified of horror films – until I actually watched one and then I couldn’t get enough. If you don’t know, on Bookshop you can opt to have all the profits from your purchase go to a local bookstore that you choose. In "The Year of the Witching," Immanuelle Moore lives in puritanical Bethel and is seen as an outcast because of her mother's relationship with a man of a different race. Truth may be stranger than fiction, but in these strange times, lots of us have been searching for fictional spooks. Unflinching and harsh, grim and deliberate, the book is an almost forensic dissection of Victorian England, suggesting that the motives for the murders, caused by a collision of dogma, classism and puritanical propriety, were the inevitable result of the true human horrors that made up a seemingly polite society. Horns by Joe HillSometimes horror, even at its darkest, is the window dressing for something more tender. That’s the case with the unique and entirely enrapturing Horns, a book that starts out as a twisted revenge story before slowly becoming something more sprawling, knotty, and ultimately hopeful. 8. No spoilers, so you’ll have to see the list down there for the top scary stories that Goodreads members have been devouring this year. Comment. Worse Angels – Laird Barron (May): Barron is arguably the best pure writer of modern horror in the last decade, but most recently has focused on a series of dark thrillers about a mob enforcer-turned-private eye named Isaiah Coleridge. But like the best horror writers, Cronin uses that inevitability to make his point – that all too often evil grows from a place that is a little more understandable than we might care to confront. It's centered around Patricia Campbell, who always looks forward to her book club since her family life isn't as fulfilling as she thought it would be. Plain Bad Heroines is a story of horror … The Best New Books of March 2020 By Frannie Jackson March 25, 2020 | 4:17pm The 10 Best Audiobooks of March 2020 By Alexis Gunderson March 13, 2020 | 3:04pm NETFLIX MOVIES Paste… All rights reserved. 2020 was the year that horror tropes got real as pandemic spread across the world. Subscribe. Release date: 09/01/2020 Den of Geek says: The second book by Stephen... Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare. Like many of the other titles on this list, The Wise Friend seems to deal with buried family secrets, bizarre hauntings, and magic sites. Premium pick House of Leaves. Check out the most popular horror picks on Goodreads this year: Part of HuffPost Home & Living. The best-kept deals, steals and practical finds for the good life. Share Share Tweet Email. Subscribe to HuffPost’s sales and deals email. From Stephen King, "If It Bleeds" is actually a collection of four long stories.

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